Haredi children's literature has until now only been treated as a small category within the larger context of Haredi literature and culture. However, consideration of Haredi children's material is essential to the study of American childhood and literacy, as well as to study of Haredi ideology. Examining the texts as well as the contexts in which they were produced and read, I argue that American Haredi children’s texts from1980-2000 played a crucial role in the development of Haredi ideology. As the community increasingly emphasized a nostalgic approach to the past and an emphasis on separation and uniqueness, children's texts were a vital point of ideological dissemination. Children’s literature more broadly functions as the concentration of a society's vision for the future. In Haredi culture, children's literature accelerated the development of Haredi ideology. My dissertation, grounded in discourse analysis and narratology, provides a starting point for the study of this material. This website serves as a finding aid for the texts and artifacts I include in my dissertation and/or hope to write about in the future.