Olomeinu Magazines, 1945-2010


The Olomeinu magazine is an important cultural archive because of its impressively long run. From its first issue in 1945, it was published nearly every month of the school year until its last issue in 2010, and it is an excellent source for tracking the development of Haredi ideology in children’s literature. Some of its features remained constant throughout its run, some appeared in different forms at different times, and some appeared briefly at various times. Coverage of topics like Israel, history, the Holocaust, and Torah leaders provides a rich opportunity for tracking the developments and changes in Haredi ideology encoded in children’s materials. The magazine was also an important sponsor of literacy, not only because it provided reading material for children but also because it encouraged children to write in specific ways. Almost every year since 1960, the magazine held a contest for a theme-based essay or cover illustration. Before that, there was no official submission process,but children did often submit their own poems or stories written in the style of the magazine they read and loved. In this way, the magazine allowed children to take the lead in the kinds of participation they wanted, but then also set the parameters of that participation.

[text from Dainy Bernstein's dissertation proposal]